Kind Words From BPA Clients

Tom Aaron

Premier Associate, Coldwell Banker

“Katie Doonan is one of my essential external business partners. I use BPA to measure and prepare all of my floor plans. Katie is discreet, accurate & professional and she consistently provides fast turnaround. Her plans are easy to read and they reproduce well with all of my print and digital collateral materials.”

Janet Michienzi

Realtor, Keller Williams

“Katie has become an important part of all of my listings presentation over the past several years. She is terrific at doing the floor plans for my homes and always comes to do her job within a day or two of reaching out to her and she gets the plan back to you quickly and well done. Katie is always pleasant and professional and I enjoy working with her. Thanks Katie!!!”

Beth Regan


“As a busy real estate agent, Brokers’ Personal Assistants helps me focus on other aspects of getting a house ready for sale. Katie realizes that time is money and consistently goes the extra mile to produce professional floor plans in a timely manner. More than once Katie has rearranged her schedule to not only meet the seller’s needs but mine as well.

BPA helps create the “Beauty Sheet” your clients deserve.”

Jane Wemyss


“I think Katie is great! This means… the client’s floor plan will be accurate and remembered by prospective buyers. A BPA floor plan means… a plan that is accurate and concise. BPA is consistent, thorough and provides a quick turn-around of plans. Working with BPA means no hassle, no attitude, a friendly smile and a job well done.

Real estate can be a tough job sometimes and anything to make it smooth and hassle free is a positive addition to my day… working with Katie makes my job easier, my clients happier and is something I can count on to be done properly. Thanks Katie!